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Want to use one of our trades people? Here’s what to do next…

It’s very simple – email us at and let’s us know what you need doing.

We’re a growing company and we have over 100 ex-military trades people on our books nationwide but this doesn’t cover every single town with every single trade. If you want to check whether we have a trades person in your area, select a ‘county’ in the search box above and click ‘submit’. You will see whether we have trades people in your area. Then just send us an email.

What is The Trade Force all about?

About 85,000 complaints are made about building work in homes each year according to the Office of Fair Trading. This has been an age old problem in this country – until now! The Trade Force is a trades person company you can finally trust. There are no ratings to mess around with or profiles to trawl through. Just get in touch with one of our people and get your job sorted!

All our trades people are reliable, ex-military men and women who served their country and are now serving your homes all across the UK. They’re highly trained, hard working, reliable and dedicated to delivering a professional service at a fair price each and every time.

For more information about this site, our ex-military members, or how to join if you are an ex-military trades person, click one of the other links.

The Trade Force. No ratings, no fuss. Ex-military trades people you can trust!